Private resupply spaceship arrives at Space Station on resupply run #2

The space frontier is open.

Today a Dragon capsule from SpaceX arrived at the International Space Station delivering 1,300 pounds of supplies and experiments.

A glitch in a valve or pressure line delayed arrival while the engineers figured out a solution.

The capsule will remain docked with the space station for a month before bringing back a load of material to earth. points out SpaceX Dragon Capsule Glitch (and Recovery) Shows Why Spaceflight Is Hard.

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Where do you draw the line on tradeoffs?

John Bredehoft ponders the question in his post, A steering wheel desk – where do you draw the line between personal and corporate responsibility?

Under discussion is a portable desk you can set up while in the driver’s seat. The illustration at Amazon makes it clear it fits over the bottom of the wheel and would make turning impossible even if you could handle dumping everything on your lap.

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Mali update – 2-17-13

2-11Wall Street Journal – French, Malians Retake Gao After Assault by Militants

Militants attacked the city of Gao. After an apparent running gun battle, the French and Malian troops chased the rebels out of town.

2-15Wall Street Journal – French Lessons in Mali

Let’s see if I can put this in one sentence.

The Tuareg in northern Mali (MNLA) will cooperate with the French against the jihadists but continue to have long-running grievances with the Malian government and army thus won’t cooperate with them, so to get out of the country France needs to negotiate a political deal between the government and MNLA.

Am I close? I’m not sure

2-16New York Times – In Mali, the Peril of Guerrilla War Looms

The jihadists/rebels/militants have reportedly blended in with the locals at villages near Goa. They can hide in plain sight. Looks like they may wait for an opportunity to strike back.

An economist decides to break up with his girlfriend after a quantitative cost-benefit analysis of the relationship

I don’t do humor, unless there is a good economic point to be made.  I just about fell out of my chair on this one.

Here is the start of the economist’s talk with his soon-to-be-former-sweetheart: Continue reading “An economist decides to break up with his girlfriend after a quantitative cost-benefit analysis of the relationship”

Mali update – 2-10-13 – The ‘fun’ part is over while the war has just begun

Some of the news of the last week –

2-2The Guardian – Inside Gao where Arab jihadis took bloody sharia retribution on Mali’s black Africans

More stories are surfacing of the brutality of the occupation. In addition, the punishments appear to have been dispensed on an ethnic basis: Continue reading “Mali update – 2-10-13 – The ‘fun’ part is over while the war has just begun”

“Tragedy of Fraud” e-book now available at Amazon

(Cross-posted from my other blog, Attestation Update.)

“Tragedy of Fraud – The Ripple Effects from Fraud and the Wages Earned” describes the tragic consequences from fraud.

There are ripple effects that spread out to harm innocent bystanders.  The perpetrator draws a wide range of well-deserved wages that will be paid in full.

The book looks at two fraud incidents to learn what happens after a fraud is discovered. One took place in a local megachurch and the other in the mayor’s office of a small city.

The book closes with a discussion of the fraud triangle. That’s the idea that three components need to be present for a fraud to take place – opportunity, motivation, and rationalization. There are steps an organization can take to reduce those factors.

You can find the book at Amazon here.

This book is a compilation of blogs posts that have been previously published at Nonprofit Update and Attestation Update. The posts have been edited slightly and reorganized for easier reading.

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Mali update – 2-3-13

Updates from the last week. Don’t know how long I’ll keep posting these summaries, since they are a bit off-topic for my blog. For the moment, plan to continue them a little longer.

1-29Wall Street JournalFrench and Malian Forces Retake Timbuktu.

The militants (that’s the WSJ style definition) left Timbuktu before the troops arrived, which allowed the French forces to retake the city without a battle. There are now 3,500 French troops on the ground.

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Rap to explain “Demand meets supply at the equilibrium price”

That quote in the title of this post is one of the great lines from the winning video in the Fayetteville State University video competition last year. The topic was supply and demand.

The video is “Whatever You Like” from a team of students at Fayetteville State University.

Check this out:


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‘Tragedy of Fraud’ in e-book format – soon to be released

(Cross posted from my other blog, Nonprofit Update.)

Tragedy of Fraud – The Ripple Effects from Fraud and the Wages Earned will be released soon in Kindle format. This is a compilation of blog posts about the damage caused by fraud. It will also discuss the fraud triangle.

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Mali update – afternoon of 1-27

Events are moving fast in Mali. Here is my brief summary, in roughly chronological order.

First, The Conflict in Mali is an interactive map from the Wall Street Journal. It has a very useful map, another tab with a list & background of the key players, and a timeline. Good resource to check. Locating the cities helps to understand the context.

I’ve been scratching my head about the French requests for heavy transport and in-flight refueling assistance from the U.S. Looks to this simple observer like they cannot project a force of 2,500 troops. It is a good start to have ability to lift the troops into a hotspot. That is only the start.

Just making a totally wild guess, the food, fuel, water, and parts needed to sustain such a force for one day probably weights more than the troops on the ground. And that is without ammo, explosives, jet fuel, and bombs. Further, 2,500 is not a particularly large force.

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Deep background on Mali

If you are interested in what’s happening across northern Africa, especially Mali, here are two articles with more in-depth reporting than you will see anywhere else.

Adam Garfinkle in American Interest:

The articles in one sentence: the situation in Mali is vastly, phenomenally more complicated that you realized with implications going far beyond Mali that you hadn’t thought about.

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Colleges look at reducing adjunct profs to under 30 hours to avoid health care costs

Mentioned back in November that a number of restaurants and hotels are thinking of cutting their staff back to 29 hours or less to avoid the upcoming requirement to provide full-scale health care to staff working 30 hours or more.

The Wall Street Journal reports in their article Health Law Pinches Colleges (behind paywall) that colleges are moving in this direction as well.

Several colleges mentioned are reducing the class load for adjunct professors so they will be working below the 30 hour cutoff this year. That means the colleges won’t have to either provide health care or pay a penalty.

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Mail update – U.S. starts supply flights, French forces retake city

Just a short recap of the last few days.

The U.S. has started flying supplies into Mali on behalf of the French forces (Reuters – U.S. beings transporting French troops, equipment to Mali). There are reportedly two flights a day to Bamako, the capital.

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