Why my interest in the Bakken oil field is increasing

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For quite a while now I’ve been fascinated by the rapid increase in oil production in the Bakken field in North Dakota.

Have had a lot of posts on my blog Outrun Change.  Under 1% unemployment in one county. Production graphs that are going vertical.  More oil produced in ND than California. That kind of stuff.

This month my interest level took off like those oil production charts.

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Insight to the publishing world from the author’s perspective

Bruce Schneier is writing a new book, Liars and Outliers.  He has been posting updates all year on the project.  First comment on his blog was in February.

He’s had several updates since then.  All of them provide a view of the publishing world from the author’s perspective.  His update this week, Status Report: Liars and Outliers, summarizes where he’s been and what the next few months will hold.

For me, as a microscopic part of the publishing world, it’s been fun to watch the progress.  Here is a recap: Continue reading “Insight to the publishing world from the author’s perspective”

“Once Upon Internal Control” is available on Kindle platform

My tale on internal control done well and poor at two churches is now available in Kindle format at Amazon.

Price is $0.99.

You can read the book on your Kindle device, on any smart phone with a Kindle app, or on your computer using the Kindle-for-PC application.

At Amazon, search for my name, Ulvog, or the book title, Once Upon Internal Control.

Or click here to go directly to the book.

Welcome to my new blog!

Why am I starting a new blog, Outrun Change?

The amount of change taking place today is staggering.  The rate of change is going to increase.  That change is making our knowledge and skills obsolete.  To keep up, we need to be learning and growing and stretching to keep up with all that change.  We need to, shall we say, outrun all that change.

At the Christian Leadership Conference in April, Dr. Richard Swenson said that there will be 1,000 times more change in the next century than in the 20th century.  He also pointed out there was more change in the 20th century than the previous 5,000 years.  That is staggering.

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Many posts on this blog have been copied from my other blogs

There are a lot of posts on my other blogs (Nonprofit Update and Attestation Update) that deal with the rapid change taking place around us. I have copied those posts into this blog to have them together. Posts before October 2011 were copied from those blogs to this one.  Enjoy reading!

Private sector rocket launches will resupply space station

SpaceX will launch it’s first space shot on a resupply flight to the space station in late November.  NASA gave technical approval to the launch.

Update – the SpaceX resupply mission was a success.

Why is this discussion in a blog about nonprofit issues? Three reasons.

First, is a superb illustration of stretching our brains. In the nonprofit sector we need to be intentionally thinking about the future. See my discussions here, here, here, here, here, and here.  Just the idea of private space flights will stretch our brain.

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Convergence report from La Piana Consulting, blurring boundaries – part 4

Previous posts here  and here mentioned four emerging trends identified by La Piana Consulting in their report called Convergence- How Five Trends Will Reshape the Social Sector.  Will now discuss the last trend they have noticed.

As mentioned previously, I will be quoting from their report a lot.

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Peering forward – We need to try really hard to see reality clearly

One of the questions raised by David Kinnaman in the article I discussed earlier is this: “Do you have practices in place to clearly see reality?”

It’s really hard to even ask that question.

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Peering forward – We all need to be Futurists!

The last half of the article by La Piana Consulting in the Winter 2010 Outcomes has a section title that says Be a Futurist.  In this section they talk at length about how organizations can learn about the changes going on, study them, and then adapt. 

This will require studying the changes around us, listening to uncomfortable analysis, and putting forth the serious intellectual effort to grasp new things.  That is essentially becoming a futurist. 

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Peering Forward – Technology will change even faster

I’ve been talking about the Winter 2010 Outcomes from Christian Leadership Alliance. You would learn and stretch if you could take a few minutes and browse the issue.

Kevin Ring has a great article, Future-Proof Ministries that talks through some of the current and long-term tech issues.

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Peering Forward – How do we respond to developing trends?

Earlier discussed that we need to pay attention to the trends in our culture and then looked at some of those trends identified by David Kinnaman.

How do we respond to those trends?  Kinnaman raises four superb questions in his article.  I will quote his questions and share my thoughts.

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